Monday, September 6, 2010

Photography: Specifically HDR and Light Painting

My grandfather tells some of the best stories.  Everything from his experiences at his alma mater (my current place of residence VMI, go keydets) to rants on the historical significance of damn near everything.  Listening to him is nothing short of a delight. Now, my grandfather is also a great photographer and he was taught by his father. One of my grandfather's many stories is about his father, the one who taught how to shoot pictures.  This man, after acting as a photographer for the marines (I think, I'll double check this within the week) became a photographer for National Geographic.  Yeah, that Nat Geo.  Since I learned this I've been obsessed with photography to some extent.  I don't make enough money to buy myself a good camera and haven't really been taught how.  But, I still can appreciate the art.  Great Grandpa Roberts was a photographer between about 1920-1970, possibly longer, and so was a great photographer for the recreation of life exactly as it is.  He had a phenomenal ability to capture a moment in time or the grand majesty of a thing or place. Examples can be found: here  I have found a love for the more abstract corners of photography specifically HDR Photography and Light Painting.  The two mediums create some of the most interesting compositions I've seen.  I only wish that I could recreate the effects with my shitty equipment.  Examples after the jump

Light Painting


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